Riverplace Parcel 3

Portland, OR

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Riverplace Parcel 3 BP #7 – Masonry

Pre-bid Meeting May 13, 2019 at 1:30 PM at jobsite (2095 SW River Parkway, Portland, OR)

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Hoffman Construction Company, Construction Manager/General Contractor (“CM/GC”) forRiverplace Parcel 3(“Project”) being performed for Bridge Housing (“Owner”) requests proposals for Masonry scope of work. 

A non-mandatory, but strongly encouraged, pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for 1:30 P.M., May 13, 2019.  Attendees shall meet at the Riverplace Parcel 3 jobsite located at 2095 SW River Parkway, Portland, OR.  Attendees must bring/wear their own OSHA-compliant Hard Hat and Safety Glasses, Reflective Vest, long pants, and boots in order to attend the job walk following the pre-bid meeting. All bidders are encouraged to attend the pre-bid meeting in order to acquaint themselves with the local conditions under which the work is to be performed and to correlate personal observations with the requirements of the contract documents.  Statements made at this meeting and site visit by representatives of the Contractor, Owner, Architect, Engineers, and/or others are not binding and do not change the RFP documents or bidding requirements unless such statements are confirmed by written Addendum to the RFP.

Proposals must utilize the specified PROPOSAL FORM and be submitted as a single file (less than 10MB) to, no later than 2:00 p.m., May 28, 2019. 

Subcontractors must be properly licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (“CCB”) at the time of bid.  Subcontractors are required to file a $30,000 Public Works Bond with the CCB in accordance with ORS 279C.836 EXCEPT exemptions allowed under paragraphs (7) or (8) will not be permitted.  Due to the scheduled start of the work, the $30,000 Public Works Bond must be on file with the CCB at the time of bid.  This is a prevailing wage project, where both BOLI and Davis Bacon are applicable.  Subcontractors must comply with requirements of the prevailing wage law in ORS Chapter 279C. 

Federal Section 3 and D/M/W/ESB Utilization:  Owner and Contractor are committed to promoting and stimulating the growth of State of Oregon certified disadvantaged business enterprises, minority business enterprises, women business enterprises and emerging small business (D/M/W/ESB) firms and maximizing opportunities for these firms to participate in the work of the Project.


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Han-Mei Chiang
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