Sound Transit East Link Extension BP#3H

Seattle, Washington

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Sound Transit E130 East Link Extension
Bid Package #3H – Systems Infrastructure

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Kiewit-Hoffman AJV (“GC/CM”) requests sub-bids for the above on behalf of the Owner, Sound Transit.  The E 130 Link Light Rail Contract begins in the International District’s Station (IDS) in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel and extends 6.9 miles across both the I-90 Floating Bridge and the East Channel Bridge toward South Bellevue and includes Stations at Rainier Ave and Mercer Island.  This bid package includes electrical ductbanks, Sitework and Pads for Traction Power Substation (TPSS), and Foundations and Grounding for Overhead Catenary System (OCS).  Refer to bid documents for complete bidding requirements and additional information.

Bidders must be licensed in Washington State Labor and Industries at the time of submission of their bids.  Contact Washington State’s Department of Labor and Industries (Internet for additional information.  This is a Prevailing Wage project.  This Contract is subject to Washington Department of Labor & Industries (“L&I”) prevailing wage requirements as well as the Federal Department of Labor (“DOL”) prevailing wage requirements.  The higher of the two prevailing wage rates will prevail.  In the event that a state prevailing rate for a particular classification is available but a federal rate is not available, the procedure outlined below for determination of a federal rate shall be followed.  In the event that a federal prevailing rate for a particular classification is available but a state prevailing rate is not available, the procedure outlined below for determination of a state prevailing rate shall be followed.  The Bidder shall comply with the requirements of both the state L&I and the Federal DOL, for posting notices of applicable wages, submission of certified payrolls, record keeping and other applicable administrative requirements.

Bids, utilizing the attached PROPOSAL FORM, must be delivered sealed to Kiewit-Hoffman AJV, 600 Stewart Street, Suite 1000, Seattle, Washington 98101 and date/TIME stamped by Kiewit-Hoffman AJV’s official bid time clock located at the reception desk, no later than, 2:00pm, November 29, 2016Bids must be submitted on Kiewit-Hoffman AJV’s Proposal Form in a sealed envelope, complete and clearly labeled for the Bid PackageFAXED BIDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  A BID BOND in the form of a surety bond, cashier’s check or certified check in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the bid amount must be attached to the bid if the bid amount exceeds $300,000.  Bid proposals under $300,000 do not require a Bid Bond.  Bids received after the bid deadline will not be considered.

Sound Transit and the GC/CM have established SB/DBE (Small / Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) contracting goals of 15% for Small Business and 10% for Disadvantaged Business participation in the work of this project.  Kiewit-Hoffman AJV is committed to exceeding these goals and requests each Bidder’s good faith effort in providing sub-tier opportunities for SB/DBE firms.

We are an equal opportunity employer and request bids from all interested firms including disadvantaged, minority, women, disabled veterans and emerging small business enterprises.


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Pre-Bid Info:

A non-mandatory, but strongly encouraged, pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for 2:30 p.m., October 19, 2016 at the Hoffman Construction Company Office.  Attendees are to meet at 600 Stewart Street, Suite 1000, Seattle WA 98101.  All bidders are encouraged to attend the pre-bid meeting in order to acquaint themselves with the local conditions under which the work is to be performed and to correlate personal observations with the requirements of the contract documents.

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Plans may be viewed a local plan centers or bidders may CLICK HERE to download documents for free on Box.

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