Opening Doors: Diversity and Apprenticeship

Hoffman is committed to outreach efforts to bring people into the construction industry and onto our worksites. The industry as a whole grows stronger as we build a strong, broad-based workforce and a diverse pool of subcontractors, ensuring that the benefits of construction work spread to the whole community. That means fostering opportunity for everyone and job forces that look like the communities where we build.

Diversity Programs

Hoffman works closely with programs and organizations that promote diversity and inclusively in the construction trades. We also have internal outreach specialists who provide technical support and mentorship to small and minority- or women-owned firms to help them grow and compete. Our project management and procurement procedures make sure everyone has a chance to work on our jobsites. In addition, we are long-term partners of industry groups like OAME (Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs) and NAMCO (National Association of Minority Contractors), and we work with them to perform outreach to attract minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small businesses to the workforce.


Hoffman is dedicated to achieving a high level of participation by apprentices on all of our projects. We attend job fairs and community events, and allow job site visits and educational opportunities to attract individuals interested in the construction trades. New workers are the future of the construction industry, and we recognize that it's in our own best interest to bring them into the workforce. We are co-founder of Construction Apprenticeship Workforce Solutions (CAWS), an industry-based group that builds a diverse workforce by supporting apprenticeship in the building trades. We also work with groups like the Bureau of Labor and Industries, Seattle's Port Jobs and BOOST programs, and the Port of Portland's Port Apprenticeship Program to encourage young people to join our workforce and support them on the job.

For a Closer Look at Hoffman's Diversity:

These efforts have led to outstanding results for minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small businesses (MWESB) on recent projects:

Port of Portland HQ/P2: A new headquarters complex for the Port of Portland, and a new parking structure for Portland International Airport.
Total dollar value: $177,773,564
MWESB contracts: $47,674,262
MWESB participation rate: 26.8%

Portland State University Science II: Renovations to a key science classroom and lab building.
Total dollar value: $18,845,833
MWESB contracts: $3,458,455
MWESB participation rate: 18.4$

The Ardea: A condominium tower in the South Waterfront.
Total dollar value: $90 million
MWESB contracts: $14.5 million
MWESB participation rate: 16%

South Waterfront Discovery Center: An information center and sales office for South waterfront development projects.
Total dollar value: $1,450,786
MWESB contracts: $627,311
MWESB participation rate: 43.24%