Zero-Impact Construction

Construction work that doesn't disturb neighboring buildings and activities is a Hoffman specialty. From hospitals to college campuses to high-tech manufacturing facilities, Hoffman has built under conditions that demand a delicate touch and a commitment to the use of sophisticated techniques to mitigate construction impacts.

Medical Work

Hoffman routinely builds everything from individual clinics to new medical towers inside or adjacent to hospitals that must be kept fully operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Where possible we isolate the construction area and apply negative air pressure, meaning that air will flow in, never out – containing any dust or fumes. HEPA filters further control dust and dust-borne infectious agents. We also use special construction protocols that put doctors and nurses in the driver's seat: hospital staff can tell us to stop work at any time. For example, while working on the Emergency Room at Legacy Mt. Hood Medical Center we set up a strobe light wired to a switch at the ER nurse’s station. When an ambulance was expected the light was switched on, and all work stopped while our workers got out of the way.

On-Campus Construction

Hoffman has built classrooms, labs and residence halls on the Northwest's biggest and busiest college and university campuses. Working on-campus presents special challenges to protect student safety and avoid disrupting academic activities. Hoffman uses construction barriers and signage to create safe pedestrian walkways between classes. We study the school's schedule to plan day-to-day activities like deliveries around class change times, and we will shut down all work for special events like commencement. For example, while building the new Washington State University-Pullman power plant we upgraded every utility tunnel on campus and upgrade subpanels and utility connections for 98 different buildings; the new power plant was brought on line without a single unplanned disruption, and we maintained 24-hour access to motor pool.

High-Tech Facilities

Hoffman uses many of these same techniques – filters, dust control and careful pre-planning and scheduling of activities – to work safely at microprocessor fabrication plants, or "fabs." Hoffman is a long-time partner of the world’s leading maker of microprocessors; we are often called on to build new facilities alongside existing fabs, with millions of dollars at stake if production lines are disrupted.

The same principles apply to work at airports and in congested downtowns. Careful planning, construction phasing and experience with safety and site management allow us to run even the largest construction site as a good neighbor to adjacent activities.

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