Building in the 21st Century

Much has changed since L.H. Hoffman Company began building houses and schools in Portland in 1922. If founder Lee Hawley Hoffman were around today, he would find an industry transformed by new technologies, construction methods, project types, and safety practices. We like to think he'd be proud to see that Hoffman Corporation is now one of the largest general contractors in the United States and has completed some of the most challenging projects in the world. We have an annual volume of $1 billion, and we are consistently in ENR’s Top 400 general contractors.

Among all that is new, L.H. Hoffman would find similarities between the company he founded and the Hoffman Construction Company that exists today: Hoffman's commitment to building creative solutions, value, and relationships. Our core belief remains: we succeed only when our customers achieve their goals.

Flexibility and Wide Ranging Expertise

Hoffman's experience spans a wide array of project types. We have never specialized in a particular market, simply because our work has been driven by the needs of the community. This flexibility has meant opportunities to build everything from libraries and community centers to museums, hospitals and giant silicon chip factories. When new work calls us beyond our home territory, we take our values with us. With prompt payment processes, safe jobsite practices and fair treatment, we build strong relationships and maximize local involvement for subcontractors and the community, everywhere we work.

Employee-Owners Committed to Excellence

With headquarters in Portland and a full-service office in Seattle, Hoffman is a privately held company with all corporate stock owned by employees. We consider this a key to our success, and a reason our project teams consistently go the extra mile to keep projects on track and customers happy. While the majority of our work is negotiated with a Guaranteed Maximum Price, we also have extensive experience with Design-Build, Lump Sum Bid, and other delivery methods. In over 80 years of operations, no Hoffman company has ever failed to complete a project or had a single demand placed upon its bonding company. We can mobilize to build projects of any size immediately throughout the Northwest, and we will travel around the world to build large, complex projects — we have built $400 million+ projects in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Israel for major clients.

Active in our Community

Hoffman is an active supporter of programs and organizations that make our community a better place to live. Giving back is an integral part of our corporate culture, and includes supporting our employees' interests in a variety of health and social services, the arts, youth programs, education and sports. Our employees work to bring young people into the industry through programs like the ACE Mentorship Program, which used industry professionals as volunteer mentors for high school students.

Hoffman has been named as an Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation by the National Society of Fundraising Executives. We work as partners to community groups to support their goals with specialized construction services, including in-kind contributions from the industry. We have completed key projects for groups including Portland Center Stage, the Boy Scouts of America, the Jack, Will and Rob Foundation, churches, art museums and educational groups.

Hoffman Community Involvement

  • Advocates for Women in Science, Engineering and Mathematics
  • Sand in the City
  • Portland Center Stage
  • Salvation Army Toy Drive
Photo of Workers