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Post IAF Airline Realignment RFQ – MC/CM


Post IAF Airline Realignment


Port of Seattle


Seattle, WA

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Wednesday 02/09/2022 2 pm

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Hoffman Construction Company of Washington (hereinafter referred to as the GC/CM) has been selected by the Port of Seattle as General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) for the Post IAF Airline Realignment Project.


The Post IAF Airline Realignment project intends to remodel and upgrade ramp level operational space at Concourses A and B to prepare them for airline use.  Work includes additional office and support space on the ramp level and up to four (4) hold rooms are to be upgraded and reconfigured to meet Port standards on Concourse B.  The project will require new restrooms and upgrades to existing restrooms to support additional ramp level spaces at Concourse B.  Existing HVAC system upgrades are required only where new space will be created at Concourse B.

This project will also reconfigure the ticket counters at Zone 4 by demolishing an Airport Dining and Retail Facility to allow space for additional counters and baggage conveyors to support international airline operations.


The GC/CM intends to select the mechanical and electrical subcontractors early in the life of the project for an estimated subcontract value that will likely exceed three million dollars. Therefore, the GC/CM intends to utilize an alternative procurement method in accordance with the provisions of RCW 39.10.385.  The justification of basis and need for utilizing this alternative procurement process includes, but is not limited to, the following:


  1. Provide preconstruction consulting services including cost estimating, scheduling, phasing logistics, collaboration with the design consultants and assistance in the most cost-effective selection of materials and building systems related to mechanical and electrical scopes of work.


  1. Provide field verification and BIM services to coordinate mechanical and electrical systems with the structure and other building systems (both existing and new).


  1. Collaborate with the Project team to provide economical and efficient delivery of the mechanical and electrical systems with minimal disruption to the Port and airline operations.


  1. Identification and potentially early procurement of long lead mechanical and electrical equipment.


  1. Provide high quality construction service collaborating with GC/CM and completing the Post IAF Airline Realignment Project on time and within the contract price.

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