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Utilizing the Latest Energy Efficiency Features in Data Center Construction

SFO 9 and SFO 21

SFO-9 was a conversion of an older high-tech facility into a 10,000 SF data center featuring the latest technology for energy efficiency. The project features 270 racks built in a hot aisle/cold aisle configuration, using a water-side economizer for cooling. The owner originally established a target PUE of 2.7. Hoffman and the design team implemented cost-effective solutions that improved upon the target, achieving a PUE of 1.17. Over 3,000 linear feet of 10” to 24” carbon steel piping was prefabricated in sections, staged on premise, and shipped to allow for accelerated installation and reduced peak manpower. SFO-21 involved build-out of leased space. Hoffman constructed four data center pods. Each pod was completed in four months. Hoffman’s innovative procurement and prefabrication strategies produced significant cost savings for the owner.


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