Safety Isn’t Easy; It Takes GUTS

Above all else, safety has always been a core value at Hoffman. We believe construction injuries are preventable through planning, training, teamwork, and individual vigilance. Our anthem is to Get Us There Safe (GUTS). It serves as a daily reminder and inspiration to get everyone who touches our projects home safely.

Here are the ways we ensure the safety of our staff, clients, craft workers, and the general public on our construction sites:

  • We work diligently to set up procedures and safety plans that protect people. We invest in safety innovations, study safety incidents, and establish best practices to run our jobsites as safely as possible.
  • We stop work on jobs and execute additional training when safety doesn’t meet our standards. We empower all staff to make the best decisions for a safe workplace.
  • We appeal to craft workers to look out for their own safety as well as the safety of the men and women around them. We want everyone to get home safely to the dinner table, the dog park, or their kid’s basketball game.

For Hoffman, there’s no compromise, no workarounds, and no shortcuts when it comes to safety.