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Good people have been the foundation of our success for nearly 100 years. We take pride in hiring the very best in the business – and in helping each and every employee build a long and satisfying career.


We’re a diverse collection of builders, makers, big-idea thinkers, and detail-focused planners, dedicated to executing projects at the highest level. Search and apply for jobs with Hoffman and our affiliates.

Hoffman Construction Company

Hoffman’s General Contractor and Construction Manager division has established new industry standards for safety, quality, schedule, and sustainability on large, complex construction projects.

Hoffman Structures, Inc.

Hoffman Structures Inc., our concrete division, has extensive experience in the areas of post-tensioned, cast-in-place, pre-cast, tilt-up, cast-on-site, slip form, and jump form systems.

Precision Construction

Established in 1985 as a special projects division of Hoffman, Precision Construction Company specializes in new construction, renovations, and tenant improvements in the $100,000 to $25 million range.

Hoffman Mechanical Corporation

Hoffman’s sophisticated in-house mechanical division, Hoffman Mechanical Corporation, provides valuable preconstruction and construction services on a wide array of project types including hospitals, labs, water treatment plants, and microelectronics fabrication plants.

Hoffman Specialty Contracting

Hoffman Specialty Contracting is a self-perform division created to deliver the framing, drywall, and ceiling scopes on projects, allowing us to keep projects running smoothly through the exterior skin and interior finish milestones that often become “pinch points” in the schedule.

Hoffman Equipment Yard

The Hoffman equipment yard supplies our projects with rental equipment, tools, materials, and safety items. We use our buying power to purchase and stock these items and to provide them to the job at a competitive rate and fast delivery.

Hoffman Layout & Modeling

Hoffman Layout & Modeling has extensive experience in providing precise survey information in all phases of construction. Their services range from preconstruction mapping and location of property boundaries, existing structures, and utilities, to continuous onsite quality assurance and verification, including utilities, excavation, structures, and site work.

Life at Hoffman

When you ask a Hoffman employee what stands out most about the company, across the board they say, “the people.” Our people take pride in their work, support each other above all else, and drive our commitment to exceptional construction. Many of our employees have been here for 30+ years; people often join us straight out of college/apprenticeship and stay for their entire careers. We are looking for builders and employees with a wide range of talent to join our team.

Hoffman has developed a culture that attracts and retains the best and the brightest. Our culture provides them with opportunities to build the coolest projects, with freedom and independence to solve project challenges. You’ll discover many more benefits of working at Hoffman, including:

  • Competitive compensation
  • A generous retirement program
  • Robust insurance program, including health, vision, dental
  • Retirement planning
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Paid maternity and parental leave

Transparency in Coverage

Hoffman offers free advanced primary care and prescription coverage for all employees and their families through One Medical. This model takes what people have come to expect from standard healthcare appointments – the long waits, the frustratingly short appointments, the shuffle of specialist visits, the high costs and stress — and turns it upside down. No wait times, many convenient locations near our offices in OR and WA, and a model of care that focuses on whole health, not just symptoms.

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Hoffman is owned entirely by active employees of the firm. Because our owners are vested in the long‑term viability of the company, they work tirelessly to achieve the best result for our clients, investing in our future through continued successful projects.

Hoffman provides our employees with a wide range of training and professional development opportunities. We call it “Building Our Builders.”

From the first day of employment, Hoffman team members have access to ongoing classes and seminars focused on improving the specific skills they need to thrive in their respective roles. Some subject areas include:

  • OSHA 30
  • Project Engineer Training
  • Operations Management Development
  • Super Leader Superintendent Development
  • Negotiation Mastermind Class
  • Speaking with Impact Class
  • Annual Meeting Symposiums

Our company is stronger when our team members are supported by an inclusive culture. Hoffman works to incorporate diversity throughout our organization with inclusive hiring and retention practices, internship opportunities, and subcontractor recruiting. We also take a leadership role in organizations encouraging women and people of color to pursue construction careers.

Making construction sites more welcoming, especially for female and minority workers and apprentices, is an important part of our efforts to increase diversity on our projects. Hoffman is taking a proactive approach to make our job sites safer and more hospitable with a pilot program, Green Dot for the Trades, in partnership with Oregon Tradeswomen, that helps combat harassment, hazing, and bullying. Hoffman is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and Hoffman job sites are designated discrimination‑free and harassment‑free.

Like the construction cranes and skyscrapers that we’re known for, Hoffman reaches high to support non‑profit and cultural organizations. Backed by the resources of the company, our employees generously give volunteer time and money to arts, literary, sports, social services, and healthcare causes.

Hoffman is also an industry leader in recruiting young people into the construction trades through participation in various mentorship and job training programs for students. As a company, Hoffman actively supports the goals of local community groups by providing specialized construction services and in‑kind contributions for important projects.

I enjoy the freedom and flexibility here, without being micromanaged. We’re given parameters to work within and then we decide how to get from point A to point B. Jose Altamirano Project Engineer
Construction is a great career choice, and I hope more young women who are interested decide to pursue it. My day to day at work is always changing, which keeps it exciting. I think the best part is seeing the completed buildings and getting to know all the people that put so much hard work into building each project. Alison Stanko Project Engineer

Career Paths

From recent college graduates to those with decades of experience, Hoffman offers opportunities for construction professionals at every stage of their career.

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Field Operations

Hoffman is known for our safe, efficient, and well-organized jobsites. That reputation starts with our field leadership – Superintendents and Project Engineers – who set the standard for excellence. From site safety and scheduling to solving technical challenges, these professionals are at the heart of the action, working directly with trade supervision and craftworkers to deliver Hoffman projects on time, with world-class quality.

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Project Management

Hoffman’s Project Managers are the face of a project: the “buck stops here” people, the folks with ultimate responsibility for execution of the contract. They succeed through integrity and strong leadership; a keen sense of fairness, transparent communication, and trust.

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Scheduling & Estimating

How much will it cost? More important, how much should it cost? How do we get best value? Hoffman estimators bring a combination of art and science to provide early, accurate estimates; identifying the cost of each building component, while anticipating market conditions, risk factors and other intangibles to create a “no surprises” budget.

Hoffman’s schedule performance has set new industry standards. Our Schedulers get us there on time, working closely with project teams, especially superintendents, to develop durations and sequencing that save time – and money – and make promised completion dates a reality.

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BIM & Virtual Design and Construction

Over 20 years ago, Hoffman pioneered the use of Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design & Construction applications on projects such as the Frank Gehry-designed MoPOP Museum, an extremely complex structure that was deemed “impossible” to build using conventional methods. Today our staff of experienced coordinators, specialists and technicians use state-of-the-art applications and tools to assist in all phases of preconstruction and construction, helping develop lean workflows using self-perform modeling, 4D and 5D development, scan data, and drone-based photogrammetry.

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Planning, training, teamwork, individual vigilance; these are the hallmarks of Hoffman’s safety culture. More than simply policies and procedures, our Get Us There Safe (GUTS) campaign gives equal focus to the human side of the equation, instilling a deep commitment to safety that reaches from management to craftworkers. Our Safety Professionals are on the front lines, working to ensure that our jobsites reflect Hoffman’s safety culture at every level.

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Professional Services

The action on the job site is only part of Hoffman’s day-to-day operations. We also rely on a deep bench of corporate professionals to keep our projects running smoothly and maintain our industry leadership. Employment opportunities at Hoffman range from Marketing and Business Development to Accounting, Information Technology, and more.


University Internship and New Graduate Programs

Our University internship and new graduate programs are more than opportunities; they’re incubators of dreams and launchpads for success. We take pride in hiring the very best in the business—and in helping each and every employee build a long and satisfying career.

Questions? Want to Learn More?

If you’d like to talk to us about employment opportunities at Hoffman, we’d love to hear from you.

At Hoffman, we value diversity, equity and inclusion. And we recognize that by embracing differences in abilities, we are made stronger, and we are ABLE to deliver results previously thought impossible. We welcome applicants of all abilities and are ready to assist you in the application process if needed. If you would like to request an accommodation, please email Workforce Wellbeing or call the Workforce Wellbeing team at (206) 286-6697 for assistance.