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Off‑Site Prefabrication and Highly Integrated Preconstruction to Deliver Next‑Generation Process Technologies

Fab D1X Mod 2

D1X Mod 2 was established as a technology development hub for both new technology generations as well as a manufacturing equipment set capable of a new wafer size. To enable the client’s next-generation process technologies, our team took a flexible approach to construction, staying poised to adapt to their next big breakthrough while strictly adhering to the client’s stringent non-disruption protocols and expectations.

This facility was a ‘copy exact’ of D1X Mod 1, including 1,300,000 GSF, 240,000 SF of cleanroom space (562,000 SF gross that includes ancillary clean non-production spaces), a process utility building (PUB), a boiler-chiller plant (BCP), and a fab support building (FSB) with labs and other facilities.

During our 25 years of building facilities for the world’s leading manufacturer of microchips, we have evolved our construction services to support the requirements of next-generation process technologies. We built high-tech research and development centers where our client could pursue cutting-edge ideas, then returned to build manufacturing facilities around the R&D sites so they could bring those ideas to life on a large scale.


What does it take to build a cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing facility on a crowded, occupied site, all while creating new breakthroughs in prefabrication and Lean project management?


Drawing on lessons learned and best practices from Mod 1, Hoffman made significant improvements to off-site prefabrication and other field efficiencies. The project involved a highly integrated preconstruction schedule, and we also implemented Lean project management approaches such as Target Value estimating, pull scheduling, and value stream mapping. Hoffman ensured there were no impacts to the sensitive site by coordinating all work closely with operations and facilities personnel.

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Lump Sum Bid


Confidential Semiconductor Manufacturer


Jacobs (previously CH2M)


Hillsboro, OR



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