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Facility Gives the Ducks a State‑of‑the‑Art Space for Advanced Football Training

Hatfield‑Dowlin Football Operations Center

Featured in Sports Illustrated, this 120,000 SF expansion to the Len Casanova Center houses one of the most sophisticated football training facilities in the country, with a massive weight room, two video theaters, strategy rooms, a recruitment center, and a hydrotherapy spa. Hoffman works alongside the design team to make graphics and branding part of the building to celebrate the history and character of UO football.

The architectural concept comprises a series of stacked boxes that includes a 25,000 SF weight room—among the largest in the world—and fully-ventilated lockers. The full-service kitchen and dining room serves over 400 student athletes daily. The scope also included installing two synthetic turf football fields and an 80-yard natural turf field.

In 2015, Engineering News-Record magazine gave its highest award to the facility, naming the Hatfield-Dowlin complex “the best sports and entertainment project in US.” Following Oregon State Energy Efficiency Design (SEED) guidelines, it is 26% more efficient than a baseline code building. Sustainable features include: radiant heating and cooling, night flushing of building mass, and the use of thermafusers; energy recovery, variable speed fans, displacement ventilation, and demand-controlled ventilation strategies; exterior glass screens for glare control and a thermal heat barrier.


Build a sophisticated weight room and locker rooms with advanced features without interrupting adjacent team practice spaces.


Hoffman led our design-build team and executed the work in multiple phases, including extensive infrastructure upgrades, without impacting team practices on the surrounding fields. For the large 25,000 SF weight room and fully-ventilated lockers, we used BIM to focus on ductwork and plumbing, lengths of mainline electrical conduit, and complicated steel details that were pre-fabricated offsite. Pre-fabrication led to efficiencies, less site congestion, and cost savings.

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