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An Historic Washington Courthouse Gets a New Modern Look and 21st Century Features

Snohomish County Courthouse

Hoffman transforms an historic marble and granite building into a modern temple of justice with improved operations, security, and circulation. The scope also includes a structural seismic upgrade of the existing courthouse.

Hoffman is renovating half of the 132,000 SF historic courthouse in downtown Everett and adding a new 30,000 SF, five-story wing. Designed with discrete levels of circulation for public, judicial staff, and inmates, the new facility’s main floor will be dedicated to customer service desks, including those for court clerks. In addition to 20 courtrooms, the building will house a law library, plus office space for county deputy prosecuting attorneys and court administrators. The scope includes a structural seismic upgrade of the existing courthouse, with added shearwalls, drag struts, collector plates, and more. The existing courthouse was built in the 1960’s and contains hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead, and PCBs. Hoffman developed a complex phasing plan to keep occupants safe during the abatement and remodel work. Hoffman worked through a highly integrated preconstruction phase that included site selection, sustainability, MWESB outreach, and optimizing the budget and schedule.

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