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Being a good partner is about more than meeting schedules and budgets. Today, it means collaborating with owners, architects, subcontractors, trade partners, and the community to enhance every aspect of the project. From solving the toughest technical challenges to building a diverse workforce, we focus on making every project the best it can be.

Hoffman’s Wide Range of Expertise Brings Projects to Life

Hoffman’s innovations in safety, sustainability, and integrated team delivery have made us an industry leader in a wide range of markets. The services we offer to clients comprise preconstruction services, new construction, renovations, tenant improvements, and more. We apply our direct field expertise to enhance the constructability and coordination of building designs, as well as the accuracy of our estimating and scheduling, to make sure that every project runs smoothly and meets the vision of our clients.

Collaborative Project Delivery

Hoffman’s project approach is founded on open communication, accountability and teamwork. Our decades of experience with negotiated CM/GC projects has naturally evolved into other collaborative delivery methods such as design-build, IPD, progressive design-build, heavy-civil GC/CM, and more. Our project teams are organized to provide clear lines of communication and distinct areas of responsibility.

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We use the best of the old and new to facilitate communication across the entire project team. Our office and job sites are equipped with the latest high-tech tools; at the same time, we never forget that the most effective communication often occurs face to face, sketching ideas with pencil and paper. We encourage this kind of creative interaction, with:

  • Team-wide commitment to the best interests of the project. We emphasize open, direct, and honest communication among all participants. Problems are resolved as a team, with our client’s best interests driving the decision-making.
  • Early involvement of key participants. We gather input and perspective from the field to enhance Lean opportunities, safety, quality, and schedule buy-in. Advanced planning techniques such as Pull Planning Scheduling, and 4D and 5D modeling yield positive results during execution.
  • Early goal definition. Project goals are developed early, agreed upon, and respected by all participants. Insight from each participant is valued in a culture that promotes and drives innovation and outstanding performance.


Hoffman’s preconstruction services bring a disciplined and systematic approach to optimizing every aspect of a project, from cost, schedule, and quality, to safety and site logistics. We identify each project’s unique challenges and develop early solutions, using a combination of advanced computer modeling tools and old-fashioned construction know-how. Sometimes it’s figuring out the fastest way to get from point A to point B. Other times it’s inventing a way to build something that has never been done.

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Hoffman’s deep catalog of in-house resources sets our company apart. When it’s in the best interest of our owners — to speed construction, tighten control over the work, improve safety or maximize early ROI — Hoffman can self-perform everything from structural concrete to I&C commissioning. With Hoffman, there are no levels of bureaucracy between decisions made by the project team and action in the field.

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Estimating: Our in-house specialists are capable of mechanical, electrical, structural, and architectural estimating, and provide a high degree of certainty to inform project planning. Because we have divisions with hands-on experience in concrete, electrical, mechanical and commissioning work, our estimates are grounded in the real world and based on our professionals’ hands-on understanding of the work.

Structural Concrete: Our in-house structural concrete division, Hoffman Structures, Inc. (HSI), maximizes efficiency and reduces risk on challenging projects. We frequently self-perform concrete work, analyzing structural systems for cost efficiencies, structural integrity, seismic reliability, and schedule benefits. Hoffman’s structural resources and expertise improve quality and provide performance reliability, independent of prevailing labor market conditions. Our Critical Path scheduling gets buildings out of the ground faster, to provide earlier ROI for owners.

Framing & Drywall: Hoffman Specialty Contracting (HSC) was created to deliver the framing, drywall, and ceiling scopes on projects, allowing us to keep projects running smoothly through the exterior skin and interior finish milestones that often become “pinch points” in the schedule.

Mechanical Systems: Our in-house mechanical division, Hoffman Mechanical Corporation (HMC), has worked on numerous high-tech facilities. HMC’s value engineering suggestions have saved millions of dollars for Hoffman’s most demanding clients. We analyze mechanical systems for operating efficiencies, life-cycle value, and systems coordination.

Electrical Systems: Our electrical division brings real world experience to high-tech and data center preconstruction and construction. Our input ensures UPS, switchgear, and other systems provide long-term service.

Instrumentation and Controls: As Hoffman’s capabilities in the high-tech construction market have grown, we’ve diversified and cross-trained in-house mechanical and electrical specialists to support installation of highly sensitive equipment. This group knows advanced technology environmental controls, raised access floors, tool install, cleanroom protocols, and many other components of technology-intense projects.

Survey: Hoffman’s in-house surveying division, Hoffman Layout & Modeling, has extensive experience in providing precise information in all phases of construction. Their services range from pre-design mapping and location of property boundaries, existing structures, and utilities, to continuous on-site quality assurance and verification, including utilities, excavation, structures, and sitework.

Lean Construction

Hoffman uses Lean construction principles to reduce waste and increase efficiency at every level of the project. For example, we maximize off-site fabrication of critical project elements such as structural steel and exterior panels. Not only does this reduce site congestion and improve safety, it also lowers costs and helps expedite the schedule.

Virtual Design and Construction

Hoffman uses Building Information Modeling and Virtual Design and Construction on every project to help teams coordinate and control projects down to the smallest detail.

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Get In Touch

If you’d like to talk to us about a project, or anything else, we’d love to hear from you.

For new business inquiries, please contact:

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