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Building Positive Neighborhood Relationships During Construction

PCC Cascade Campus Addition

This project included a 49,000 SF academic building, a 36,000 SF student center, and a 211-space underground parking structure. The project also resulted in a landscaped mall connecting the new buildings. Included in the buildings are a Center for Careers in Education, a Teaching and Learning Center, and a Child Development Center with an outdoor play area, as well as new classrooms, faculty spaces, and informal student spaces.

Hoffman placed intense focus on building positive relationships with neighboring businesses and residents. Our creative initiatives included creating a Project Learning Center (an old store front adjacent to the project site that served as a construction office and community center hosting forums and displays for students and neighbors), hosting a Free Plant Day (kicking off construction of the parking garage by inviting neighborhood to collect plants before excavation), and hosting a Neighborhood Clean-up (initiating several neighborhood improvement projects, including installing a new fence behind a local African Market and Furniture store), and National Night Out (an annual neighborhood event to reduce crime and build community spirit).

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Portland Community College


Hacker Architects


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