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Improved Security and Expanded Features on a New Campus

Federal Reserve Bank

When the Federal Reserve Bank decided to relocate the offices it had occupied for 54 years, the bank seized the opportunity to expand, modernize, and improve security for their operations. Hoffman developed a 10.8-acre site to help the bank accommodate growth in cash services, with state-of-the-art operating and security systems. The 95,000 SF building houses 100 employees, as well as the Pacific Northwest Regional Cash Operation. Hoffman poured the vault using an innovative technique: pouring the 42-foot walls in a “single height lift,” then installing the specialized rack storage system and pouring the ceiling slab—using the rack to help shore the form for the ceiling pour. It had never been done that way before, and the method saved the bank money and time. Hoffman built three separate rooms with ceiling mounted fan coil (cooling only) units, and ducted supply and exhaust systems. Cooling water is provided from a central chilled water system.

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