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Newhouse Building Replacement

The Newhouse Building has been a part of the State’s campus since 1934, and due to several life-safety and seismic issues, needs to be replaced.

As part of the legislative campus modernization (LCM), the State is in the process of updating many of its civic buildings, and is replacing Newhouse. However, because the campus’ primary architectural style is neo-classical, it is imperative that the Newhouse Building Replacement speak this same language to create an aesthetic consistency that reinforces the strength and spirit associated with Washington Statehood, while embodying a timelessness that fits the campus now and in the future.

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Integration into the Capitol Campus

Newhouse is representative of a time-honored national process where legislation is made and state administration carried out, and the design is aimed to emphasize this magnitude while also accommodating the kind of functionality needed in any modern workplace.

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The replacement will contain four-stories of senate suites, caucus offices, a public meeting space, classrooms for high school students for public process and legislature education, and flexible space that can be used and rented by different groups. A centralized four-story stairwell illuminated by a skylight will thread these floors together, connecting spaces and departments, and becoming a mixing chamber in which faculty and statesmen can have impromptu collaborations.

Precision Timber Builds

Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) projects require additional precision and coordination to achieve success. By leveraging our in-house BIM capabilities, we effectively navigate challenges, enhance schedules, and deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Engaging a Broad Stakeholder Group

As we work to develop the design, a very engaged stakeholder group with multiple backgrounds offers its input.

Neighbors in Olympia who view the campus as a community amenity advocate for landscape design, pedestrian connections, and reduced traffic. Historic preservationists call for close attention to architectural adherence and minimal interventions. The City of Olympia, Seattle Friends of Olmsted Park, and the State’s own legislative staff and Capitol Campus Design Committee among others provide their regular feedback as well, prompting our team to employ a meticulous balancing act to ensure all needs are met, all input respected.

An honest mosaic of design concepts and time periods, the Newhouse Building Replacement will reimagine itself, reinterpreting historic ideals, legislating current ones, and serving the people of Washington state.

All renderings and illustrations copyright Miller Hull Partnership LLP.

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