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Bellevue Towers

This spectacular twin tower condominium is one of the largest residential building projects in the Puget Sound region. The two towers—one 42 stories, the other 43—provide 500 total units and 926,000 SF of living space. Building one of the largest residential projects in the Puget Sound region required careful phasing plans, safety innovations, and a sustainability strategy to achieve LEED Gold.

The towers rest on an eight-level podium that includes townhouses and retail space. Below are two levels of underground parking providing 345,000 SF. The individual units feature high-end finishes and amenities as well as numerous energy-saving systems and sustainable elements that helped it achieve LEED Gold.

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Gerding Edlen


MG2, GBD Architects


Bellevue, WA





Phasing for Early Occupancy

Hoffman worked with Gerding Edlen and GBD to redesign the elevator configuration at Bellevue Towers to allow for an ambitious phasing plan. Our cooperative approach enabled an early-occupancy date for the lower portions of the towers. Not only did this facilitate phasing, but the cost of an additional elevator was offset by the gain in valuable space in the high-rise portion of the building.

Safety and Productivity Innovations

Two important safety innovations brought to the worksite by Hoffman boosted productivity and constructability on the project.Hoffman used Climbing Protection Panels, a new system seeing use in Europe but still rare in America. These panels completely enclose the top three floors of the structure, protecting workers and minimizing the risk of falling debris. As additional floors were added, the entire system rose floor-by-floor.


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Hoffman also invented a new system of overhead tie-offs to improve worker safety and productivity. Tie-offs are attached to cables running between poles that rise above the top floor of the structure, allowing workers to safely move freely around the worksite. Constructability improvement: faster, safer work with two floors poured every six days.

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Hoffman's Get Us There Safe Program

Safety is the central value of Hoffman’s culture, permeating every level of our organization. We believe construction injuries are preventable through planning, training, teamwork, and individual vigilance. Our Get Us There Safe campaign serves as a daily reminder to get everyone who touches our projects home safely.

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